Monday, January 1, 2007

Welcome to Sessions Watch

Welcome to Sessions Watch, a blog dedicated to keeping an eye on our Congressman, Pete Sessions, in Texas' 32nd Congressional district.

For the next two years, I will be tracking Pete Sessions' votes, so we can be better equipped to challenge him in 2008. My theory is that he keeps winning elections because people don't really know who he is, they just know his name. So I'm going to do my part this time to show people in TX-32 just who it is they're voting for--a right-wing, Bush-lovin' extremist, who doesn't represent the mainstream voter in our district.
During the 2006 election, I helped with the Will Pryor campaign, and posted the following diaries on Daily Kos:

1). Pete Sessions thinks I'm "unhinged", about how he used his congressional website to make fun of Democratic party ideas. The site is now down--but, of course, I saved a screenshot:

2). Pete Sessions weasles out of debate about how he agreed to "debate" Will Pryor, then changed his mind and made it a panel discussion instead of a debate, then chickened out and left the panel discussion after he finished speaking instead of staying around to answer questions from the audience.

3). Pete Sessions sneaks into Dem territory, the story of Pete Sessions' stealth visit to the Democratic portion of his district, on a night he knew Democrats would be busy with other events, to talk to a hand-picked group of supporters.

If you're in TX-32 and you have a Pete sighting or have something to add, please post a comment and I'll mention it in my next diary.

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