Monday, November 19, 2007

Pete Sessions' missed votes on Head Start, Internet Predators, Child Pornography

Pete Sessions missed 26 votes between the days November 14-15, among them votes to reauthorize the Head Start Act, to prosecute those involved in child pornoraphy, and to protect our kids from internet predators. Below are three key votes in which Pete Sessions failed to show up on behalf of our kids; for a complete list of Pete Sessions' votes (missing and otherwise), search Pete Sessions' page on the U.S. Congress Votes Database, sponsored by Washington Post:

Effective Child Pornography Prosecution Act of 2007 This passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support, 409-0, with 23 not voting. Pete Sessions "not voting." See H.R. 4120, Roll No. 1105.

Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators Act of 2007 This bill also had complete bi-partisan support, and passed 417-0, with 15 not voting. Pete Sessions "not voting." See H.R. 719, Roll No. 1092.

Improving Head Start Act of 2007 This bill passed 381-36, with Pete Sessions among those "not voting." See H.R.1429, Roll No. 1090.

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