Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pete Sessions votes against recognizing AmeriCorps

Pete Sessions likes to talk about his work with the Boy Scouts, and is proud--as he should be--about attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. So you'd think he'd support AmeriCorps, right? Service to the community, and all that?

Well, today, the House voted overwhelmingly to recognize the week of May 11-18 as AmeriCorps Week, honoring "AmeriCorps members for their powerful impact, thank all of AmeriCorps' community partners in our Nation who make the program possible and bring more Americans into service." There were only 69 Republicans who voted against this Resolution. Yep, Pete Sessions voted "no." For the text of H. Res. 1173, recognizing AmeriCorps, go to the Library of Congress website; the list of 69 nay-sayers is available at this link: Roll Call 319.

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