Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pete Sessions votes against Defense, Solar Energy

On October 8, the House passed H.R. 2647, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010. The bill passed 281-146, with Pete Sessions joining the majority of Republicans who cast a "no" vote on this bill, presumably because it contained a provision expanding the definition of a hate crime to include crimes against people because of sexual orientation.

The bill passed the Senate 68-29, with both Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn joining the majority and voting in favor (see Roll no. 327).

The bill is now cleared for the President's signature.

Pete Sessions also voted against H.R. 3585, the Solar Technology Roadmap Act, "to guide and provide for United States research, development, and demonstration of solar energy technologies." The bill passed with bipartisan support 310-106, with 4 Texas Republicans (including Joe Barton) voting with the majority.


John Peterson said...

Please don't forget that the government has no money. It only has money that it takes from citizens through taxation, and what it doesn't tax it prints up as liabilities to future generations. Every vote for a bill that spends money is a vote for the governments role in redistributing wealth through taxation into the economy.

I read an interesting article written back in February that mentioned that according to the Congressional Budget Office the trillions of dollars spend on the Obama stimulus would do more harm than good over the long haul. From my political perspective, more government means more taxes, more inefficiency, more corruption through corporate lobbying. I don't think any of us like that.

Maybe I'm wrong on this solar bill though, if so is there any clear evidence that shows that the government meddling in the energy market is a net positive or a net negative for the American people?


Nancy said...

Yeah, but the rest of the world is developing solar and theyre geting ahead of us, so if we don't then that's another technology we'll be buying from Saudi or someplace like that. And I don't like it either that the government subsidies energy but we've been subsidizing oil and gas for decades, so as long as we're subsidizing energy anyway we might as well do solar.