Monday, November 9, 2009

Sessions Watch Endorses Somebody Else in 2010!

Sessions Watch is a non-partisan blog dedicated to highlighting the gaffes, corruption, and evasiveness of our congressman, Pete Sessions.

While we don't make partisan endorsements, we can say this much--we endorse Somebody Else in 2010! (In the interest of fairness, the order of the following essays was determined by coin toss, and does not indicate partisan preference on the part of the writer):

Republicans: Finally, you have a candidate running against Pete Sessions in the March 2 GOP Primary. His name is David Smith, who writes for the Dallas County Republican Examiner. Although portrayed by the media as a "farther to the right than Sessions" right-wing extremist Tea Party Supporter, Sessions Watchers on both sides of the aisle have dismissed that as media hype. In reading his articles, we've formed the opinion that David Smith is an an honest fiscal conservative who thinks Congress should work for the people instead of lobbyists. His article have consistently criticized Pete Sessions questionable ethics, with particular emphases on the blimp earmark. Sessions Watch encourages Republican Precinct Chairs to meet David Smith tonight at his announcement party and to consider helping out with his campaign. Information at this link: Announcement of candidacy for US House District 32 and campaign kick-off event

Democrats: Liberal Democrats who've given half-hearted support to past candidates they felt were too "middle of the road" are fired up in support of Grier Raggio. If his name sounds familiar, it's because he's the husband of Judge Lorraine Raggio, and the son of women's rights pioneer Louise Raggio (also known as The Texas Tornado). Grier is a lawyer, and although this will be his first foray into politics, he's given generously to the Democratic Party over the years and is already going where Pete Sessions fears to tread--into the District to meet potential constituents, conducting his own "listening tour." Sessions Watchers on both sides of the aisle are confident that Grier Raggio would put the needs of the District ahead of party politics and that he would shun influence-peddling from lobbyists. Democrats are invited to read more about Grier Raggio at his campaign website Raggio for Congress and to make a donation at Grier Raggio's Act Blue Page.


jim said...

any word from the Lib candidate Alex Bichoff?

Sessions Watch said...

No word yet from the Libertarian Party, Jim.

David Smith said...

Thank you for your kind words and solid analysis of my positions and the articles I have written. That tells me you guys are for real and that you have folks from both sides of the aisle seeking alternatives to their current representation. Many best wishes.

Sessions Watch said...

Thanks for dropping by, David.

Nancy said...

Thank you for running, David! i was just blogging on another post and remembered a post from the summer that shows how Sessions thinks in a debate. It's the august 17 2009 post about the health care event with him and EB johnson. he said personal responsibility is not getting drunk and fighting on friday night while EBJ talked about wellness and regular doctor appointments. we want a smart congresman who wont' embarrass us in debates liek sessions does.