Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pete Sessions accidentally slams NRCC pick

Hoo-boy, we tried to warn 'em about Pete Sessions, but they picked him, anyway, to chair the NRCC. Now, they're having to put up with the same incompetent leadership we've "enjoyed" for so many years.

Pete Sessions has flip-flopped on Parker Griffith (AL-5) again. In our previous article, Pete Sessions was against Parker Griffith before he was for him, we highlighted the attack ad the NRCC ran when Griffith was a Democrat. Then, Griffith changed parties and Pete Sessions lavished praise on him saying, "Congressman Griffith’s party affiliation may have changed, but his conservative principles, values and commitment to Alabama families has never wavered."

Now, Pete Sessions has sent out a fundraising letter to Republicans in AL-5 slamming Parker Griffith, apparently forgetting that Parker Griffith switched parties and is now backed by the NRCC:
In a fundraising letter, NRCC chair Pete Sessions lets donors in AL 05 know their "Democrat in Congress has been falling in line with Nancy Pelosi's destructive liberal agenda." The only problem is the NRCC is backing that incumbent, Rep. Parker Griffith (R).
"We're airing hard-hitting ads against your Democrat Member of Congress, and it's making an impact!" the letter reads...

..."Airing TV ads in your part of Alabama gets expensive over time, and we need to make sure we can apply serious pressure on your Representative throughout the 2010 campaign season," Sessions wrote.

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