Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Voters Have Spoken: Sessions wins primary

Okay, all you Republican complainers, we Sessions Watchers don't want to hear any more tales of woe about how you wish someone would vote against the corrupt, hypocritical Pete Sessions; if only, you've told us, someone would run in the primary, you'd vote for "the other guy."

Well, this year, you had a choice, but at this writing, with 36 of 188 precincts reporting, Pete Sessions is on the way towards easily winning this one, with 84% of the vote so far.

Still, David Smith's 15% is a very good showing for a newcomer to this race.

Voter turnout was low; in Sessions' own precinct, Precinct 2222, for instance, only 110 people showed up to vote, and ten of them voted for David Smith. Not bad at all.

So Sessions lives on to fight in the general election against Libertarian John Jay Myers and Democrat Grier Raggio, and all you GOPers who say you want Sessions out have one more chance to get it right.

UPDATE: With 100% Reporting, the final numbers are:
David Smith (REP) 16.28%, 5,930 votes
Pete Sessions (REP) 83.72%, 30,492 votes
Total # of votes: 36,422

In the Democratic primary, Grier Raggio, running unopposed, won 7,460 votes.

Voter turnout: Democrats--5.01%, Republicans--8.63 %

Not bad for a primary, but it sure would be nice to see voter turnout in double digits, at least.


John Peterson said...

That's good news for you guys too right? Without Sessions there is no Sessions Watch.



Weaseldog said...

If Pete lost, he'd just become a lobbyist.

We could still follow his antics as he throws wild parties with strippers, and gives nonsense speeches about,
"shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings."

Sessions Watch said...

John, we'd be more than happy to shut this place down in exchange for anybody else in Congress representing us! :)

Sessions Watch said...

You're right, Weaseldog, he'd probably try, at least, to get a job lobbying.

Nancy said...

Well, my neighbors who said they'd never vote for Sessions after the bailout vote had their sign int he yard and there were signs all over the place at the polling place. So he must have been a little worried since he had his team putting up signs. Better luck in November.

Anonymous said...

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