Friday, August 24, 2007

Sessions Tries To Shift Blame For Budget Deficit

From Daily Kos:
On his campaign web site, Sessions tries to spin his way out of having to explain why he wants the richest 1 percent keep tax cuts while leaving everyone else with a big ill to pay for years and years to come. Sessions begins his defense with an out-and-out lie-- that "tax and spend Democrats" are trying to strangle all of us with tax increases...
Of course, we all remember that it was "borrow and spend" Republicans who got us into debt, not Democrats.

Kos blogger alaprst goes on to write:
Are "tax and spend liberals" to blame for our fiscal mess? Sessions and other Republicans are not only wrong, but dead wrong. They've been wrong on fiscal responsibility throughout the Bush regime, and they're even more wrong for Texas and the rest of the nation.My state and district deserve better than Republican politicians who try to re-write history and blame everyone else for their own failures. Pete Sessions, John Cornyn, and their ilk deserve to be sent down to defeat, and it's up to Democrats not only to field a formidable candidate to face Cornyn (as they will if Rick Noriega is chosen to be the nominee) but to find just as strong opposition to Sessions and others who put the interests of Bush and their wealthy contributors above the interests of the rest of us.
C'mon, somebody, please run against Pete Sessions! Our nation can't afford any more fiscally irresponsible Republicant's (as in "can't balance the budget") like him!

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