Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pete Sessions advises Kay Bailey Hutchison to stay in Senate

According to Gromer Jeffers of Dallas Morning News, Pete Sessions is advising Kay Bailey Hutchison to keep her Senate seat while running for Governor.

His thinking is that if she beats Perry and becomes Governor, she could appoint her own replacement in the Senate. But if she resigns to run, we'd have a special election where a Democrat might have a chance at the seat.

"The people of Texas don't need that kind of fight," Mr. Sessions said of a special election.
In my opinion, it might be seen as a bit underhanded if Kay Bailey Hutchison did such a thing; she has a strong "likeability" thing going for her, and draws votes from both major political parties. That edge would pretty much evaporate if she were to play the "politics as usual" game by appointing her own successor.

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