Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Pete Sessions: Lost in Oak Cliff" by Steve Blow

Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow picked up the Oak Cliff story and wrote about it on his blog today: Pete Sessions: Lost in Oak Cliff

Steve Blow says, "If someone finds U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions wandering lost in his district, please give him directions." He then goes on to publish the Oak Cliff portion of Sessions' district neighbood articles.

In the comments section of the blog, Steve Blow posted this email he received from Sessions' Communication Director Emily Davis, who explains
We paid to have our new website pages populated and they obviously copied and pasted the wrong information together (eek!). Thanks for the heads up - I just made the quick fix in our website system.

Note to Congress: if there's money in the budget for "populating websites," how 'bout paying it to neighborhood associations to write their own articles? You'd have to adhere to a word limit to keep overzealous neighborhood association presidents from bragging too much about their little corners of Dallas, but at least the articles would be authentic and geographically correct.

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