Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pete Sessions takes his rambling non-answers to Meet the Press

This morning, Pete Sessions was on Meet the Press, alongside his counterpart in the DCCC, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, and fundraising chairs for the Senate, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and our own John Cornyn.

David Gregory learned what we've come to expect from Pete Sessions, that he has a "pretty gauzy agenda" when asked for specifics about what he'd do differently from what Democrats are doing. Sessions spoke in his usual roundabout manner, giving campaign platitudes instead of specifics; he said Republicans would "read the bill" when they get back to power (even though they passed such bills as the Patriot Act without reading it) and that "we'd live within our means," even though they ran up plenty of debt when they were in charge.

Republicans all over the country must be scratching their heads this morning, wondering how he ever got put in charge of building the party.


Nancy said...

Anybody else get calls from out-of-town yesterday morning? my cousin called from Louisiana while it was going on and siad "I'm watching your Congressman on TV, is he always that stupid?" i said that he actaully did better on tv than in person.

Nancy said...

Here's an embarrassing blog post fromt he Atlanta Journal Constitution:
"Is it any wonder why these guys can’t get anything done? These men are mental midgets. I am routinely embarrassed by Georgian politicians that can’t use proper English and that are just not that bright but these guys make our guys look like a think tank of intellectuals. You cannot defend the message when it’s delivered by the village idiots. Texas must be proud of their sons."—-very-secret-—-republican-plan-to-cut-the-deficit/

Lisa said...

Hi, y'all!

I got tons of emails from friends who know I comment over here. They're emailing things like, "OMG, that's the GOP leadership??" And yeah, Nancy, I said the same thing, that Sessions actually did better on TV than in a town hall.