Monday, July 26, 2010

Pete Sessions votes "no" to extension of unemployment benefits

Our newly fiscally conservative congressman voted against the extension of unemployment benefits (we haven't forgotten your vote to fund the original bailout when Bush wanted it, Pete, or your votes to fund such things as the Iraq War without plans to pay for them).

On Thursday, the House passed this bill to extend unemployment benefits through November 30, making the extension retroactive to June 2 when the last extension expired. It was then sent to the president, who signed it the same day.
The bill passed 271-152; roll call information at this link:
Roll Call Vote No. 463 Tally


jim said...

bad news for Sessions--the unemployed are getting organized, and they're not voting republican.

Weaseldog said...

I guess the lesson is, you have to be a whore to get money out of Pete.

You can be a Wall Street Banker Welfare Whore or a Las Vegas Prostitute and Pete will be there to give you lots of free money.

But if you're an honest American that's just down on his or luck, then Pete isn't interested in helping you out.

Lisa said...

Hi, y'all, I just got an email from Lone Star Project about the Wyly brothers' scandal (see today's Dallas Morning News). Guess who they gave money to? Yep, our Congressman, Pete Sessions, to the tune of $29,000. No wonder Pete supports so many tax breaks for the rich!!