Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pete Sessions clinging to McCain's coattails

From Dallas Morning News:
Dallas-area Republicans need Mr. McCain, the presumptive GOP nominee, to be a powerful draw at the top of their ticket...

..."He's going to bring us all together," Rep. Pete Sessions , R-Dallas, said of Mr. McCain. "He will win Texas."

The question for Mr. Sessions and others who attended the fundraiser is: Can Mr. McCain win Dallas County?

... Every county Republican's chances hinge on whether Mr. McCain can be competitive here.

In 2006, straight-ticket voting, among other things, helped doom Republicans such as former County Judge Margaret Keliher. She was swept out of office by little-known Democrat Jim Foster.

George W. Bush narrowly carried Dallas County in the last two presidential contests. And he was a Texan running in years when the Republican brand was not tarnished.

And only now are Texas Republicans rallying around Mr. McCain in earnest, with most saying Mr. Obama would be a worse alternative.

The primary contest, though, showed Mr. Obama is most dominant in areas like Dallas and Harris counties.

The Democratic, independent and new voters he brings to the polls could wash away any McCain momentum...
At the beginning, Pete Sessions supported Giulianni, which caused quite a stir among right-wing purists who asked why a staunch pro-life congressman would support a left-of-center candidate. This blog post from the right-wing Human Events Online indicate that hard-R voters in this district are getting tired of Pete Sessions:
Pete Session[s] is my Congressman, and believe me, he'll sell out the social conservatives at the drop of a hat for personal gain. Rudy Giuliani must have offered him a top job in exchange for delivering the pro-life vote. After he wins, Rudy will do his usual pro-choice thing, Pete Sessions will get a top appointment, and both will hope the social conservatives forget all the campaign promises...
Now, Pete Sessions is counting on McCain's popularity in Dallas County to carry him back to the Congress, a county that went Democratic in 2006 and is increasingly turning away from anybody connected with Bush.

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