Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pete Sessions: "...the energy companies are our friends."

Just saw this, from Think Progress--it's Pete Sessions speaking on the House floor on behalf of his friends in the oil industry:
SESSIONS: "What do we hear back from Washington, DC? … “Let’s stick it to Big Oil!” Well, in fact, what we ought to be saying is that energy companies are our friends. … What are the energy companies saying? They’re saying please give us the opportunity to go where there is oil or the perception that there’s oil and go looking for it and provide it to the American public."

The energy companies are certainly friends of Pete Sessions. Since 2004, Sessions has received over $330,000 from the oil and gas industry. In return, Sessions is aggressively promoting greater oil drilling. But as the Energy Information Administration states, increased drilling in the outer continental shelf will have an “insignificant” impact on oil prices.
Video at this link.

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