Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pete Sessions votes "no" to American-made goods!

This is pretty astounding--yesterday, the House passed one of those "Sense of the House" resolutions saying "...that rebate checks would better stimulate the economy if spent on American-made products and services from American-owned companies." Every now and then, Congress passes one of these "no-brainer" non-binding resolutions, so everybody can come together and feel good about passing something that everybody likes--in this case, American-made goods and services.

Who would vote against American-made goods and services?

Pete Sessions, of course, who was one of only six--count 'em, six--to vote no! Others who didn't want to take part voted "present" or just didn't vote at all, but Pete Sessions came out and cast his vote against made-in-America products. Good grief--even Joe "Smokey Joe" Barton voted "yes."

The resolution passed 404 - 6, with 6 voting "present" and 17 not voting. Roll Call information is available at this link: Roll No. 404

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