Thursday, November 6, 2008

Boehner Endorses Sessions for NRCC Chairman

John Boehner has just endorsed Pete Sessions for NRCC Chair, saying:
“Pete has the skills needed to recruit top-tier candidates and give them the support they need to challenge a Democratic Congress that has been bought and paid for by liberal special interests. We need Pete Sessions at the leadership table as the next chairman of the NRCC.”
By "top tier," I suppose Boehner is referring to extreme partisans like Michele Bachmanm, who barely won her seat in Congress after making controversial remarks about "anti-Americans" in Congress.

After Bachmann appeared on Hardball and said Barack Obama had "anti-American views," irate viewers sent her opponent Elwyn Tinklenberg $800,000, making the campaign one of the most-watched in the nation.

Bachmann received $2,500 from PETE PAC, so we can suppose that John Boehner is looking forward to working with more "top tier" people like that.

Sessions Watch sends best wishes to Pete Sessions on his run for NRCC Chair. If he's in a high-profile position, it'll make our job easier.

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Avidor said...


Let's hope these two embarrassing reps lose their next election or resign in disgrace before then.