Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The tide is turning

Though Sessions Watchers are disappointed that we didn't unseat Pete Sessions last night, it's encouraging that Pete Sessions' brand of hyper-partisanship is growing increasingly unpopular across the nation.

Pundits will analyze McCain's loss for weeks, but in my opinion, he lost by not being himself, by concentrating on "the base" instead of moderate Republicans.

In North Carolina, Kay Hagan won Elizabeth Dole's senate seat, mainly because of negative campaigning on Dole's part. When the Dole campaign a voice actor to make it sound like Kay Hagan said "there is no God," the plan backfired, sending a wave of support to Hagan--who happens to be a lifelong Presbyterian and Sunday School teacher!

Michelle Bachmann's negative campaign sent a wave of financial support to her opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg. Although Bachmann (MN-06) ended winning back her House seat, she did so with a margin of only 4%.

And Sessions fundraiser recipient Robin Hayes, the 10-year Republican incumbent who got $10,000 from Pete Sessions' notorious strip club fundraiser was defeated by Democratic Party challenger Larry Kissell. Robin Hayes gained nation-wide notoriety in this election cycle by saying that "liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God." Last night, he found out that over half of his constituents disagree.

The tide is turning, finally, away from negativity and hyper-partisanship. Although we still don't have a representative who works for us, it should be of some consolation to voters in our district knowing that the American people are tired of right-wing extremism, and they're ready to vote for hope over fear. In TX-32, our day will come--but, sadly, not this year.

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