Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's official--Pete Sessions will chair NRCC

From Dallas Morning News: Pete Sessions wins leadership role in GOP campaign efforts Excerpt:
Reeling from electoral setbacks, House Republicans put their hopes Wednesday on Dallas Rep. Pete Sessions to round up the cash and candidates needed to reverse their fortunes.

“Our members will not be satisfied until we regain the majority,” Mr. Sessions said.
Problem is, Pete Sessions gives money to extremists like Robin Hayes, a right-wing extremist who lost to Larry Kissell after claiming that liberals hate real Americans who work and believe in God.
Mr. Sessions’ profile among Republicans grew exponentially when he drove Mr. Frost from Congress in a costly post-redistricting fight in 2004, though it took him more time than he’d hoped to parlay that into a party leadership role.
Yeah, except he didn't drive Martin Frost from Congress all by himself. Sessions would never have been able to do that without help from Tom DeLay's redistricting plan which created this horribly gerrymandered district, cutting out the historic African-American neighborhood of Hamilton Park and the heavily GLBT Oak Lawn area. If he ever had to run on his own merits in a truly bipartisan district, he would never be able to win; even in the gerrymandered TX-32, he's never been able to get a 60% win. In the 2008 race, he came the closest, with 57%. This quote says it all:
As for Mr. Sessions, some Democrats reacted with some glee at news of his promotion to the GOP leadership.

“This guy is about an inch deep,” said Matt Angle, a veteran Texas Democratic strategist. “They just can’t do any better.”

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