Friday, February 6, 2009

Dallas Morning News, Free Republic comment on "Taliban Pete"

Today's Dallas Morning News picked up the story from yesterday, about Pete Sessions comparing the GOP with the Taliban. Most of the article was just a rehash of previous articles, but the writer included this gem:
In the past, comparisons of conservative Republicans to the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban have sparked outrage. It may be a first, though, for a politician to invoke the comparison on his own colleagues.
Commenters on the conservative blog Free Republic also weighed in, pretty much agreeing with sentiments posted yesterday on liberal and centrist blogs. Sessions Watch chose the following comments as a measure of how Pete Sessions is received by the GOP "base":
What an idiot.
That’s a pretty ignorant statement, no matter what point he was trying to make.
The Taliban?
Nice analogy.

Please tell me Sessions is a RINO.
Sessions should lose his posts over this if not outright resign. What the hell was he thinking?
And the Sessions Watch award for Best Comment from the Free Republic blog goes to commenter Force of Truth, who asks:
So where do the 72 virgins fit in to this equation?

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