Monday, February 16, 2009

"Sessions' Taliban strategy"

From Sunday's letters to the editor, Dallas Morning News:
Re: "Talking Points," last Sunday Points.
My congressman, U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, wishes to emulate the Taliban rather than help put the country back together that his ilk ran into a ditch over the past eight years. He bemoans what he calls the classic liberal doctrine of "tax and spend," but what is the GOP doctrine? Cut taxes and spend?
If only we had half the money Republicans squandered in the past decade we would not have such a bitter pill to swallow today.
At this writing, there are 5 comments on the blog, and Sessions is losing 4-1.
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John Peterson said...

I posted a comment on the DMN thread.

What I'm wondering is, would you consider giving a pat on the back to Mr. Sessions if he did something you liked? Let's say he was on board with the "stimulus" bill. Would you have put out a kudos?


Sessions Watch said...

Hello, John, welcome back. I gues this answers your previous question about what Sessions Watchers consider to be "right wing extremism." Identifying with the Taliban pretty much exceeds our expectations!

And, yes, we do applaud Pete Sessions when he makes a bold step in the direction of serving the constituents instead of the right-wing of the GOP, as in this blog post from 2007 when a blogger praised Pete Sessions for supporting CAFE Standards, but admittedly went on a rant about how 35 mpg is hardly an ambitious goal: