Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kansas to Pete Sessions: What's the Matter With You?

Over the past few years, Kansas has been held up as an example where voters have fallen for right-wing talking points, such as abortion, gay marriage and gun control, and end up voting against their own interests; they elect politicians who they think best represent "family values," only to be disappointed to find the poltician working for the benefit of the lobbyists and well-funded special interest groups.

Apparently, Kansas is waking up. Though still a "red state," John McCain didn't break the 60% margin in 2008 (McCain received 57% of the vote to Obama's 41%); from the following blog posts in the Wichita Eagle, it appears they're looking for a different GOP model than Pete Sessions has to offer, too. The article GOP feeling good about insurgency drew the following blog posts from readers:
It’s a nice change. Conservatives have gone from supporting terrorists to openly admiring them.
The core principal that is behind the Republicans is to crush the middle class.

The Republicans have always had a master/slave mentality and they see their opportunity to further enslave those “undeserving” masses.
NOW they’re voting for fiscal responsibility?!? Where were they the last 8 years?
I believe that we should whole-heartedly support Republics in their desire to stick to their “core prunciples” - by keeping them OUT OF POWER! After all; it is whan Republics are in power that their “core principles” suffer.
The parallel between the taliban and the gop has long been recognized on this forum. They are both terrorist and a threat to the well being of America.
The last real republican was Barry Goldwater.
And the winner of the Sessions Watch Best Comment award goes to this one:
I expect bin laden will release a statement that they are in no way affiliated with the gop. Who’d want to own that?

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