Saturday, May 16, 2009

Florida Democrat uses Pete Sessions in fundraising ad

You know how Pete Sessions is always using the name "Nancy Pelosi" to scare conservatives into voting for him? Well, turnabout is fair play--in Florida, Alan Grayson (D-08) is using Pete Sessions' recent remarks about Obama in a fundraising email. From CQ Politics:
Freshman Grayson called Sessions, a Texas congressman, "crazy, "a lunatic," "demented," and "paranoid" in a fundraising e-mail to supporters.

Grayson attacked Sessions for stating that President Obama wishes to "inflict damage and hardship on the free enterprise system" and for the national party's attempts to blame Grayson personally for the national debt.

"Join us -- show Pete Sessions that he can take his 30 pieces of silver attacking Alan Grayson, and shove it," Grayson wrote.
Alan Grayson left out "incompetent," "corrupt" and "misanthropic," but, hey, Grayson hasn't been in Congress all that long, so we'll cut him some slack for missing Sessions' other rare qualities. :)

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