Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pete Sessions embarasses GOP (again)

Shortly after Pete Sessions became NRCC Chair, he caused a nationwide uproar by comparing the Republican Party to terrorists (See blog posts from Feburary, 2009).

Now, he's at it again, even causing ultra-conservative GOPer John Cornyn to say, "I’d like some sort of clarification about what he meant."

At issue are comments Pete Sessions made to New York Times, concocting some sort of conspiracy theory that the Obama Adminstration is trying to diminish employment and diminish stock prices as part of a divide and conquer strategy to consolidate power.

Read more about it at Lone Star Project: Pete Sessions' Credibility Stock Hits New Low: Shaky Republican Campaign Chairman now just making things up, at Dallas Morning News: Sen. John Cornyn rejects Dallas Rep. Pete Sessions' Obama accusation and at The Moderate Voice: Did You Know That Obama’s “REAL” Objective Is To Create Unemployment?

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