Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dallas Morning News endorses Pete Sessions

Pete Sessions won the endorsement of Dallas Morning News today, no big surprise. Dallas Morning News has been a big cheerleader of the bailout plan and praised Pete Sessions for supporting it right from the start, when it was nothing more than a $700 billion check to Henry Paulson with not one scrap of oversight:
Considering the distaste many conservatives had for the recent financial rescue plan passed by Congress, it's admirable that Rep. Pete Sessions grasped the seriousness of the problem, bucked pressure from many of his allies and voted for the $700 billion package.
All right, how many Sessions Watchers called his office asking him not to vote for that thing? Right-wingers asked him, left-wingers asked--just about every organization from both sides of the aisle sent out emails asking us to write Congress to oppose the bailout, but Pete Sessions was one of only 65 House Republicans to vote for it.

Dallas Morning News goes on to praise Pete Sessions for moving towards the political center by supporting both Rudy Giuliani's presidential bid and a guest-worker program, which won't win him much support from his conservative base:
Mr. Sessions has shown other signs of moving from hard-liner toward the political center. He endorsed Rudy Giuliani for the Republican presidential nomination, for example. And he now says he wants to press ahead soon with immigration reform, including a guest-worker program and legalization provisions...
Fortunately, readers can now comment directly to the editorial page online, instead of just hoping your letter to the editor gets published. Make your voice heard on the comment blog at the bottom of the editorial.

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Weaseldog said...

No surprise there at all.

I miss the days when the Dallas Morning News had to compete with the Dallas Times Herald.

Both papers benefited from the competition.