Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pete Sessions' strip club fundraiser causes problems for Republicans in Alabama

Pete Sessions' notorious strip-club fundraiser is back in the news again, this time in Alabama, causing problems for a Republican running for Alabama's 2nd congressional district. Apparently, Jay Love received $2,500 from the Las Vegas fundraiser; his opponent, Democrat Bobby Bright, is using it against him in a campaign ad, challenging Love's Christian values:
"For some people, conserva­tive Christian values are just words," Bright said in the line he recorded. "You know what? They're more than just words to me."
Gee, that sounds a lot like what Dallas conservatives said when the story first broke. As it turned out, the fundraiser had less to do with scantily clad women than online gambling, which is also a big problem for Jay Love:
Love and the Alabama Re­publican Party oppose gambling in Alabama. The state lawmaker said he is adamantly opposed to gambling.
At this writing, The Democratic Party is trying to shame Jay Love into returning the money.


Weaseldog said...

Eric Roberson and Rick Noriega will be at the Glass House at 6:30 tonight.

I just found out after meeting Eric, while he was passing out flyers at the train station.

1735 N. Story
South of 183.

Weaseldog said...

Sorry, Glass Door.