Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pete Sessions taunts protester

Pete Sessions may cut and run from a debate, but he's awfully brave taunting a lone protester in a rally of 100 Republicans, flanked by Kay Bailey Hutchison. From Dallas Morning News:
The diminutive young man clutching a giant Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate sign had some serious pipes.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison enjoyed support from a crowd at Fretz Park Library in Far North Dallas, where she gave an impromptu speech.

"Change! Change! Change! Change!" he barked endlessly ...Another woman grabbed his sign. "Don't touch me!" the protester screamed back before dialing 911 on his BlackBerry.

Mr. Sessions, R-Dallas, then joined the melee, taunting: "Aren't you glad your mommy and daddy take care of you? You couldn't hold a job if you had to."
Hmmmm...interesting comment by Pete Sessions. The only way for a candidate to know if a single protester is out of work and supported by mom and dad is if the protester was the candidate's own son! But seriously, what an immature comment.

And, really--a "diminutive man" has the lung power to drown out Kay Bailey Hutchison in an open air rally? C'mon, people, how hard is it to set up an amp and a mic for Senator Hutchison? Are Republicans that hard up for cash that they can't spring for a portable sound system for just such an occasion?

One protester at the rally had this to say in the comment section of the story:
I attended the rally at Fretz park yesterday morning and was verbally assaulted by the Republican women. While quietly holding my signs for Noriega and Roberson, one especially loud, angry woman continually shouted at me that I had no right to be there. "Go to your own rally" she said over and over. "We don't go to your rallies." I replied that I had a free speech right to be in a public park and protest and told her that if she did attend a Democratic rally, we would not be rude to her. She continued to shout at me and called me a variety of non complimentary names ... like low class and stupid. This kind of angry aggressive behavior resulted in at least 6 police officers to show up by the end of the event.

While I was quietly discussing free speech rights with one of the officers, this same woman approached, again yelling that we had no right to be there. The officer responded that "you are the one creating a disturbance. You need to move away!"

I can only say that I have NEVER seen this type of behavior at any Democratic rally and I have been to many! Republicans must be really scared for them to resort in this type of behavior!
Wow. "Go to your own rally," huh? Any time any politicians gather, it's our rally. What part of "We, the People" do these Republican women not understand?

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