Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vote early in Dallas, starting this week

Just a reminder that early voting has started in Texas. In Dallas County, you may vote at any early voting location in the country from October 20-31. A list of early voting locations is available at Dallas County Elections

SessionsWatch is non-partisan and does not endorse candidates, we just think TX-32 deserves better representation than we're getting from Pete Sessions.

Democrats in TX-32 who vote a straight-party ballot will automatically cast a vote for Sessions' Democratic Party opponent, Eric Roberson.

Republicans and Independents who don't want to cast a vote for Pete Sessions may choose between the Democratic Candidate or the Libertarian candidate, Alex Bischoff, or you may choose to skip the race altogether.


Anonymous said...

Voters should know the truth about ALL candidates.

For more info:

SessionsWatch said...

Anyone wishing to know about all the candidates may consult the League of Women Voters Guide. Since Alex Bischoff does not have a website, the link for him goes to his League page, and the two other candidates' responses may also be accesed at that link.