Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Town Hall Blog

If you have pics and video of tonight's event, post the link to your blog, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, etc, into the comment section of this post. You may also use the comments section as a debate forum; thank you, in advance, for conducting yourselves in a respectful manner, and discussing disagreements without resorting to name calling, threats or abusive language.


Ed Flaspoehler said...

Wednesday night, August 19, I went to Valley Ridge HS in Irving to see Pete Sessions and his Double Digit Ditto Heads in action.

"Thousands" of right wing crazies were there, and a hand full of Health care reform supporters.

I had fun marching around in the late afternoon sun chanting "Health Care Now." Whenever confronted, I just waved my American Flag in their face.

I was, however, amused for a moment by the woman whose only method of communication was an uncontrolled scream. I told the lady in line with me, "I want to be her throat doctor!"

I tried to attend the Session's session in the gym after the demonstration, but the blather made my head hurt so much that I had to leave before my brain exploded. I was there less than 30 minutes.

Ed Flaspoehler, Dallas, TX

Sessions Watch said...

Thanks for your report, Ed. Don't be discouraged about the number of anti-health care reform people; they don't have solid facts on their side. They can scream all they want, but with Congress is back in session, our representatives will actually have to "read the bill," as the screamers demand, and vote on what's actually in the bill, not the made-up stuff that isn't in it.

Thanks for doing your part, Ed!