Saturday, August 15, 2009

Town Hall Wednesday--Change of location

To accommodate a larger crowd, Wednesday's Town Hall meeting has been moved to the following location:

Ranchview High School
8401 Valley Ranch Pkwy
Irving, Texas 75063

Pete Sessions' office requests that people RSVP . Constituents of the 32nd District of Texas are invited to attend the Irving Town Hall Meeting. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Congressman Sessions' Dallas District Office at 972.392.0505. The time is the same, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

No need to worry about disruptive behavior from groups like Glenn Beck's 912 Project or other people hopped up on caffeine from drinking all that tea; sources in other parts of the country tell Sessions Watch that those "screamer" groups are only targeting districts with representatives from the Democratic Party.

They're also starting to tone it down, after seeing themselves on YouTube spouting nonsensical misinformation about "death panels," shouting down cancer patients who've been denied insurance coverage, and generally making complete idiots of themselves. So take a deep breath, y'all, bring a friend, and come on out to the town hall. To help you prepare, we'll post a list of questions you've been asking in the comments area in "sound bite" format--and remember, it's not just a town hall about health care, you can ask anything.

UPDATE: In answer to the most-often asked question, yes, Democrats in TX-32 should attend these town hall meetings. A Democrat who attended the Richardson town hall meeting reported that the political make-up of the audience reflected that of the District, with Republican-leaning questions at approximately 55% and Democratic-leaning questions at 45%.

Remember, even with creative gerrymandering, this is not a heavily Republican district, so come on out Democrats, Libertarians, Green Party and everything in between! Even though he won't vote for your interests, Pete Sessions needs to hear from you!

Who knows? Pete Sessions might get tired of hearing from people who don't agree with him and decide he doesn't want to be a Congressman anymore, which is one of our goals at Sessions Watch--helping him decide that the job he really wants is with the Boy Scouts, the National Association for Down Syndrome, or some place where he doesn't have to hear from people like us! It could happen! So, yes, do come on out, everybody, and ask your question.


Texas cornhusker said...

I've never been more proud of my congressman than I am of Pete Sessions! Y'all are nasty.

Sessions Watch said...

Written like a true Sessions fan. Thank you for your comment.

So...who's your congressman? :)