Friday, August 7, 2009

Town Hall Video and Commentary

Sessions Watch would like to thank regular commenter and Republican precinct chair John Peterson for his video of Pete Sessions' introductory remarks at Thursday's town hall meeting; John also wrote an article about the meeting, which provides a good summary for those who missed it.

John's working on activating the comments section of his blog; if you comment, please be respectful--John's putting his real name out there, unlike Sessions Watch, which is a group of what we refer to as "Congressional mystery shoppers."

Until John's comment box is activated, please feel free to comment here.

The video and article are available at this link: Pete Sessions Town Hall Meeting Summary.

UPDATE: Another report from Richardson is available at Ed Cognoski's blog:

And, for the benefit of the Republican club in Park Cities who requested it, here's the video clip of another Texas Republican, Joe Barton, asking the insurance industry execs if they felt bad that people die because of their policy of rescission. It's worthwhile viewing, and a reminder that the real fight for reform is not between Democrats and Republicans, but between the American people and a for-profit health care industry that's become too greedy:

The complete list of articles about last night's meeting are as follows:

by David Smith, The Examiner

Sessions discusses health care proposal in Richardson by John Nielsen, Dallas Morning News

Last Night, Pete Sessions Turned Health Care Debate Into an Easy-to-Swallow Pill by Kimberly Thorpe, Dallas Observer


Jim said...

Did anybody ask about that blimp? I sure would like to know why he gave money to a blimp company that never made a blimp before and I'd also like to know what good blimps are today, anyway!

John Peterson said...

Hey Guys,

No one asked about the blimp... hehe. I also didn't hear anything about the "Audit the Fed" bill that Pete co-sponsored (HR 1207). That one is pretty popular with everyone.

Also, I just opened up commenting on If you can't bear to type that one in you can type in That is the soon to be future name of the blog.

Also, the video above with Representative Barton is a great example of unethical profits. Thanks for sharing that with us CoolOnion.


Nancy said...

Thanks for the video, John! Wow--Pete Sessions looks like he's finally figured out how to be a Congressman (quite a change from the embarrassing display at Kay Bailey Hutchison's event, where he berated one single protester to "get a job," not seeming to notice the hundreds of us supporters who were also there in the middle of the day! He must be getting nervous about all the Republican opposition to him) So, has anybody found out what kind of health insurance he gets, since he says he doesn't get the Federal Employee Benefits Plan that's provided to members of Congress? Inquiring minds want to know, since he does work for us, and since a lot of us have issues with our own insurance plans--if he's found a better deal, he should share it with the rest of us "shoppers"!

Lisa said...

So now Sessions is concerned about getting bills in the middle of the night with no chance to read them? This isn't new! It happened all the time during the previous administration, most notably with The Patriot Act, and we (League of Women Voters) had plenty of meetings about that. But back then, we couldn't get anybody in Congress interested in listening to our concerns, because they were too scared of terrorists to read bills all the way through before passing them!!

Remember when Dallas City Hall passed a resolution saying we wouldn't comply with overreaching part of the Patriot Act which said librarians had to keep lists of books people were reading to turn over to the FBI? And remember how Pete Sessions flew in from Washington to threaten council members into not voting for it by saying he wouldn't send federal dollars to the Trinity River project if they did vote for it? I do. The resolution passed, but some council members didn't vote for it because they said "we won't get our bridge money." Nobody else's congressman did anything like that, just Pete Sessions from what was then CD-5.