Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dallas Morning News Shuts Out Libertarians

Readers of Sessions Watch have been following the Dallas Morning News' election recommendations, anxiously awaiting their annual endorsement of our congressman, wondering what lame excuse they'll give this year for supporting him.

The current pattern this year has to endorse either the Democrat or the Republican, then mention at the end that there's also a Libertarian in the race.

We Sessions Watchers took it for granted that all three candidates went through the same interview process, but apparently that is not the case.

A reader sends along this link to a letter to the editor written by TX-32 Libertarian candidate John Jay Myers, in which he says he was excluded from the interview process:
Is The Dallas Morning News a source of journalistic integrity, or is it just a shill for the establishment? I ask after learning of my exclusion from the interview when the newspaper chooses which candidates to recommend...

...A Dallas Morning News columnist recently wrote that Americans want to "decrease the size and scope of government, cut spending and taxes, balance the budget, reduce the federal debt, reduce the power of special interests and unions, repeal and replace the health care legislation, and decrease partisanship." I am the only candidate who will do any of this, and yet I am the only candidate in my race excluded from consideration...
At Sessions Watch, we don't make endorsements, of course, we just want somebody else representing us in Congress, someone who'll actually work for us instead of lobbyists and billionaires. We find it shameful and disheartening that the Dallas Morning News is abdicating its responsibility to keep the citizens of our district informed about all the choices in this year's election.

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Nancy said...

Check out this comment left by one responder to his letter. it says they got a response from Dallas Morning News saying "it should be noted that all candidates on the ballot were invited to participate in our online voter guide." I can't believe they acually think that's good enough. I don't knwo anybody who reads that online guide and I don't either. We read the paper!