Monday, October 18, 2010

Early Voting Starts Today!

Starting today, you can cast your vote against Pete Sessions at any one of the early voting locations listed at Dallas County Elections.

In response to the Dallas Morning News' endorsement, there was only one letter in response, in favor of Grier Raggio:
In the editorial board's biennial endorsement of Pete Sessions, it called opponent Grier Raggio "too far to the left," then proceeded to list a number of things Raggio opposes -- like the 2008 bailout -- with which constituents agree.

All facets of the political spectrum phoned, faxed, emailed and gathered at Sessions' office asking him not to support the bailout, but our efforts were ignored; his letters in reply gave the usual canned Washington-insider rhetoric without acknowledgement of our point of view.

Grier Raggio, on the other hand, believes that big business should be just as fiscally responsible as small business, rising or falling on its own merits, without asking the government for a handout.

Raggio will bring fiscal sanity to the district and the nation, and he'll work for us instead of the lobbyists
So far, there have been no other letters published in favor or against any of the candidates, except for candidate John Jay Myers letter expressing dissatisfaction with the editorial board's exclusion of third party candidates:
Is The Dallas Morning News a source of journalistic integrity, or is it just a shill for the establishment? I ask after learning of my exclusion from the interview when the newspaper chooses which candidates to recommend.

I can't imagine why Libertarians lack electoral success when media have already chosen to marginalize them. Meeting challenging ballot requirements should be sufficient for the media's consideration -- it is for voters. But I have done even more, as evidenced by my television ads, fundraising, press releases and appearances throughout Dallas.

A Dallas Morning News columnist recently wrote that Americans want to "decrease the size and scope of government, cut spending and taxes, balance the budget, reduce the federal debt, reduce the power of special interests and unions, repeal and replace the health care legislation, and decrease partisanship." I am the only candidate who will do any of this, and yet I am the only candidate in my race excluded from consideration.

A big-government Republican or a big-government Democrat is no choice at all. Why even bother interviewing when you aren't interested in evaluating true alternatives? The News should interview all candidates or none of them.
Sessions Watchers can vote Libertarian or Democratic in early voting through October 25, or on Election Day, November 2.

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