Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Once again, DMN endorses Sessions

In this climate of ethics investigations--first with Eddie Bernice Johnson, followed by an ongoing series about Rick Perry's tech fund donors--we were hoping Dallas Morning News would realize that it's time for a change in our district and endorse someone else. Glad we didn't make bets on it. True to form, the Dallas Morning News editorial board endorsed their favorite congressman Pete Sessions.

The editorial board supports its statement that Grier Raggio is "too far to the left" by citing the fact that he opposed the 2008 bailout--which was only supported by 25% of Americans--and that he wants to get out of Afghanistan, a position supported by 58% of Americans. Sounds like the Dallas Morning News is the one who's out of step.

And, of course, we learned recently from John Jay Myers' own letter to the editor that the board doesn't even bother interviewing Libertarians. They gave him the standard mention:
Libertarian John Jay Myers, 41, president of a promotional items wholesale firm, also is seeking this seat.
As always, Sessions Watch endorses Somebody Else for TX-32 and invites readers to either vote Democratic or Libertarian in 2010.

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