Monday, October 18, 2010

Our 2010 PSA: "Don't Vote for an Idiot"

This year's PSA is a video mashup of the trailer for "Dinner for Schmucks" mixed with Pete Sessions on "Meet the Press." The final titles say it all--don't vote for an idiot, vote for somebody else in 2010.

A reader in Park Cities also suggests that Republicans review the PSA from 2008 called Bailout. Apparently, some people who are struggling with impending foreclosure are blaming the Obama Administration for bailing out the banks instead of helping people like themselves. Remember, it was Bush who asked for the bailout of the banks, and Pete Sessions was one of only 65 Republicans who voted for the bailout. He got booed for blaming the financial crisis on "community organizers,"--and that was in Richardson at an event packed with Republicans.


Nancy said...

Love the PSA! My friend in Park Cities says thanks to SW for the mention. Easy to let things go down the memory hole these days.

Weaseldog said...

"we need to read the bills." - Pete Sessions.

Pete responded to my email asking him not to vote on the Patriot Act saying that he hadn't read it, but a lawyer told him is was constitutional. He voted for this bill that he has never read.

jim said...

i noticed that too that he's all about reading bills these days but he didn't read the Patriot Act. No one did, they jsut passed it.

Weaseldog said...

When it was leaked in 1999, I read it.

I thought it was a joke at that time. Some hoax that somebody with too much time on their hands, had published on the internet, to start and urban legend.

But no. It was the real deal. Just waiting for a Pearl Harbor Event, to get passed without examination or debate.

jim said...

wow, 1999--knew it was written ahead of time but didn't know it was that far ahead.